Solving Challenging Resident Issues in Ward 3 With Proactive Leadership

I wanted to share some wonderful news about how my proactive leadership was able to resolve a persistent issue for Ward 3 residents involving the State of New Jersey.

This past May, during a neighborhood meeting on Myrtle Avenue, residents complained about the loud noise from construction trucks that left Sitescapes Construction and rumbled down Myrtle several mornings a week, waking them up. As I walked around the neighborhood thinking about how to resolve this issue, I noticed that Sitescapes sits right next to the little-used state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) parking lot on Myrtle. And realized that the most straightforward solution was allowing Sitescapes trucks to go through the MVC lot on their way to South Avenue via Windsor instead of going down Myrtle toward Central.

Though this solution was straightforward, making it happen was not since it involved a State agency (which I knew was preoccupied with many other, more significant priorities and challenges statewide worsened by the pandemic). Despite low odds of success, I pursued it anyway with 110% effort because this is how I approach being your Councilman and solving problems.

I immediately leveraged every contact I had -- both political and personal -- including local and county officials as well as former colleagues of mine who work at the MVC. Eventually, I was introduced to the right person at the MVC (their Director of Legislative Affairs). I set up a meeting with this person in late June, explained the problem and the proposed solution and the MVC official said he would explore it and get back to me.

After several follow-ups from me spanning one or two months, I finally heard back from this official this week confirming that "YES", the MVC would allow Sitescapes trucks to use their parking lot in the mornings to avoid Myrtle. And the official let me know the MVC had already contacted Sitescapes on my behalf and they had agreed to implement this approach.

I am thrilled that I was able to resolve this issue for Myrtle residents and wanted to thank publicly the State of New Jersey and the Motor Vehicle Commission for their partnership and flexibility.

Lastly, I wanted to share this with you so you are aware of my proactive and persistent efforts to advocate for Ward 3 residents and the town of Westfield to resolve issues and drive meaningful and long-lasting change that makes Westfield better. I look forward to your support n Nov. 2 so I can apply this same approach for the next four years. Thanks.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay well,