Mackey Makes It Happen: Re-Elect Councilwoman Dawn Mackey

 Letter to the Editor
Read this Article as it originally appeared in TAPintoWestfield. 

Art Exhibits. Butterflies. Rainbow Crosswalks. Murals. Holiday decor. A large spotlight shines on the way Councilwoman Dawn Mackey engenders town pride amongst our residents and fosters economic development for our local businesses. While these worthy efforts take center stage, it is time to shine a light on the unseen work that makes Councilwoman Mackey worthy of your vote on November 2. Let’s pull back the curtain and take a peek.

After learning newly paved roads were frequently torn up due to teardowns and utility work, Councilwoman Dawn actively researched and adopted a road protection ordinance that changed the law. Let me be clear — Dawn did not just vote to put this law into place. She made the law happen. Are you grateful for the 47 miles of newly paved roads? Mackey made it happen.

After years of antiquated rules that discouraged businesses from opening in Westfield, Dawn spearheaded changes to our Town codes that allowed for a craft brewery, rooftop dining, a maker's space, doggie daycare, enhanced promotional opportunities for merchants, and much more. Other local towns made these changes long ago and their merchants have reaped the benefits. Are you seeing changes that encourage businesses to invest in Westfield? Mackey made it happen.

In addition to the big changes Dawn has enacted for Westfield, there are also more subtle efforts that add up to a big difference. Did you know that Dawn Mackey was instrumental in expanding outdoor dining for local businesses? Did you know that Tamaques Park did not have ADA compliant picnic tables until Dawn Mackey put them there?

And did you know that Dawn spends countless hours advocating on behalf of residents on topics big and small? From creating a super-sized send off for a Make-a-Wish recipient to truly listening to and advocating for residents on hot topic issues like the Edison fields, Mackey makes it happen.

From spotlight-grabbing events to behind-the-scenes yet massively impactful work, Dawn Mackey makes a lot happen for residents and businesses in Westfield. Now it is OUR turn to make her re-election happen. Join me in voting for Councilwoman Dawn Mackey for Ward 4 on November 2.

Adrian Pastore