Jennifer ‘Jenn’ Gilman started coming to Westfield almost a decade ago. It took awhile to make the move to Westfield work, but she and her husband, Keith, are thrilled to be here now. “We wanted to come to this place where kids played basketball in their driveways and neighbors had block parties.” Once she got here, Jenn immersed herself in the Ward 3 community. On the Jefferson Elementary School PTO, she is active in Jubilee and as Chair of the Cultural Arts Committee.

“Our town’s walkability, vibrant downtown, and just the ‘community feel’ drove Keith and me to raise our two young daughters, Lila and Hannah, here in Westfield,” Jenn says. “As a town councilwoman, I will work to preserve those strengths by advocating for smart Southside development. I understand our need for growth and modernization, and I look forward to ensuring measured development that is supported by Ward 3 residents through the Master Plan.”

Drawn to public service, Jenn was elected Chair of The Mothers’ Center for Central NJ and grew the membership to the largest in decades. As the legislative leader in the Union County chapter of Moms Demand Action, she successfully advocates for common sense legislation in New Jersey and educates through the Be SMART program.

“By nature I am more comfortable doing the work behind the scenes, but I’ve learned the power of speaking up and being counted. And that’s what I want to do for my Ward 3 neighbors. On issues from pedestrian safety to paving our roads, I hear their voices and will craft and lead initiatives addressing our concerns.”

Jenn graduated from Boston College magna cum laude and taught in the Montclair Public Schools. Jenn is currently a certified child sleep consultant for Good Night Sleep NJ, where she is a resource and a facilitator for local families through free sleep-clinics. In addition, she’s a teacher for Temple Emanu-El’s Early Childhood Education Program.

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