Engage All Our Citizens. Westfield residents are our greatest strength. Westfielders offer a wealth of skills, expertise and creativity. That’s why we want to build a culture of collaboration based on what you know, rather than who you know. When it comes to filling positions on community leadership positions, such as on the Historic Preservation or Recreation Commissions, we will publicly announce all vacancies with applications easily available on-line and at Town Hall. We will return every citizen’s email or phone call in a timely manner and use new communication tools to keep the conversation flowing. Just imagine: What could Westfield achieve by harnessing all its talent for our common good?

Energize Our Downtown.  The shops, restaurants and parks of our award-winning downtown have enticed visitors and enhanced property values for years.  But each new “For Rent” sign signals that our downtown is at risk, prompting everyone to wonder: “What to do about downtown?” We have some innovative approaches, and know others do too. Rather than collecting ideas on downtown from a select few, we will compile a survey, one that can be accessed however people prefer –be it mail, email, Facebook, Twitter or simply knocking on neighbors’ doors. We will then use those ideas to collaborate with merchants, landlords and shoppers to develop a workable plan for energizing downtown, now and into the future.

Ensure Value for Our Dollars. For Westfield to continue to thrive, we need to identify new ways to bring money in and wise ways to spend what we have. In recent years, it’s become increasingly necessary to enhance certain existing services, such as better street lighting, pedestrian safety, road repair and parking. Yet we also need creative ways to pay for these improvements. Our team is motivated to identify new streams of revenue to protect our enviable Triple A rating and manage budgets, such as finding grant opportunities offered by Union County and the State of New Jersey. 

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