Linda Habgood is an Encouraging, Inclusive Leader

Letter published in The Westfield Leader on September 16, 2021

Over the last three years I have watched my daughter, Nyah take a deep interest in history and government. Topics of conversation among her close friend group revolve around current events, politics and social justice issues. It was no surprise to me when she expressed interest in volunteering on a campaign and asked me to reach out to Mayor Brindle on her behalf. As per usual, the Mayor responded to me immediately and with great enthusiasm as she invites us to her campaign kick-off. When we arrived, Nyah was welcomed with open arms and signed up for the internship program.

Nyah has been interning on Councilwoman Linda Habgood's campaign this summer and it has solidified her passion for government and public service. Linda is an encouraging and inclusive leader who has demonstrated to my daughter what leadership and poise look like. The best is when Nyah joined Councilwoman Habgood to canvass door to door. What a wonderful lesson on building relationships, inclusive listening and demonstration of dedication to community and hard work. I am deeply appreciative to the Habgood campaign. In these difficult and divisive times, she is showing my daughter the positive side of politics and government.

Proud Mom and Westfield resident,
Liz Lugones