Letter the the Editor: Leading with Kindness

Read this Letter to the Editor as it originally appeared Sept 25, 2021 on TAPintoWestfield.

I have known Mike Dardia for close to 10 years and I still remember the first time I heard his name. My husband had just come home from my oldest son’s first travel lacrosse tournament playing on a new team. The tournament weekend also happened to be on my son’s birthday. When my husband got home Sunday night he said to me, “I met the nicest people — Mike and Meredith Dardia. They were so kind, they barely knew Dylan and they came with a birthday cake for him so the team could celebrate.” 

Needless to say that I was so touched by this act and from that grew a wonderful friendship.

In all the years I have known Mike, that is what I have seen each and every time. I have spent many years on the sidelines with him, and I have never seen him be anything but a positive, kind and supportive person to both fellow parents and kids.

As a town councilman, I have also seen how he has responded to various situations such as the ice rink, COVID concerns or aftermath of storms. He responds with care, integrity and urgency to everyone, no matter what. He is responsive and will take the time to answer each question and concern, and patiently address every issue from his constituents. His temperament is one of patience and reasonableness. Public Safety is one area where Mike has shown great leadership. He is committed to making our neighborhoods safer for our kids.

In the past four years, I have seen Mike's dedication to Westfield get even stronger, and I believe he is fighting to do what is best to move our town forward in these challenging times. There will always be issues to deal with and hard decisions to be made, but rest assured that with Mike on Town Council, the solutions will always be considered thoroughly, reasonably, and most importantly, with kindness. So on November 2nd, please cast your vote for Mike Dardia to represent Ward 2 and help keep moving Westfield forward.


Sandra Alfano

Westfield, NJ