Keeping You Informed Is One Of My Most Important Priorities

One of the most important aspects of being Ward 3 Councilman is to keep you – the residents – informed. During the COVID pandemic, the need to do this became even more important. And I made this a priority, ultimately sending out hundreds of email updates and countless social media updates since the COVID pandemic started.

I began doing this by just resharing the Mayor’s daily COVID Updates to make sure Ward 3 was updated with the latest public health and safety information. Then I decided to supplement the Mayor’s updates with other information I discovered on my own that I felt would be useful for Ward 3 residents including additional COVID information and even light-hearted content about ways to successfully manage living under lockdown.

I kept sending out regular updates even after the virus started to ebb this spring because of the positive feedback I received from residents who really appreciated my ongoing updates. Here are a few examples of these comments:

  • “I really appreciate and enjoy these updates. Thanks for keeping the third ward in the loop. You’re an amazing council member.”
  • “You have been so amazing and of course you have done so much to keep Westfield informed about this awful virus.”
  • “Thanks for the daily emails. They are wonderful while staying at home. You have gone above and beyond.”
  • “Thanks for sending email daily. it's very helpful to see what's going on in the neighborhood.”
  • Stay well too David and thank you for all your hard work and relentless commitment to the really super daily updatesyou send. Thanks for the updates. Really appreciate it.
  • Thanks, David – I read your updates every day. I find them very useful.
  • I appreciate your daily updates. Thank you, David
  • Thank you for always keeping us informed!!!
  • Just a little note with sentiments of a BIG thank you for your daily updates, David!

I am still sending out COVID and Town Updates (albeit a little less frequently than before) because keeping you informed remains one of my top priorities. I hope to continue emphasizing this over the next four years with your support on Nov. 2. And, if you’re not getting my updates whether you live in Ward 3 or not, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll add you to my list. Thanks.


Stay well

David Contract