Letter the the Editor: Experience Matters!

Read this Letter to the Editor as it originally appeared Sept 15, 2021 on TAPintoWestfield.

As a Westfield Ward 2 resident for more than 40 years, I’d like to take this opportunity to voice my strong support for the re-election of Mike Dardia to the town council.  Mike has been a diligent council member and public servant over the last nearly four years, serving both the needs of his constituents and the community as a whole in a non-partisan way. He is truly here to help everyone.

I, too, have some experience with Westfield public service. I served for 10 years on the Westfield Board of Education, eight of those years as president. I know first hand that experience counts! It takes time to learn the specifics of governance, to build relationships and to work towards solutions to the issues confronting our community. It takes a patient steadiness to negotiate competing interests within a community. Mike clearly has this approachable, agreeable willingness to sit down, listen and find common ground.

Mike has knowledge and experience with Westfield’s Parks Master Plan and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, along with the multitude of topics and issues confronting the council. Importantly, he has also served as liaison to both the Board of Education and the Board of Health. Mike has a strong track record working for Westfield. I sincerely appreciate his willingness to serve another term and to draw upon all that he has learned and contributed.  

There are many important plans and initiatives in place that represent real progress for Westfield in the years ahead. I have every confidence that Mike will continue to work towards Westfield’s most important priorities — a safe community, an attractive and vibrant downtown, strong fiscal management and great parks, athletic and recreational facilities. I whole-heartedly support the reelection of Mike Dardia to the Westfield Town Council Ward 2 and I hope that you will as well.


Susan Pepper

Westfield, NJ