I Endorse Council Contract For Ward 3

I Endorse David Contract For Ward 3 Councilman, By Gesine Ehlers, Westfield Senior & Ward 3 Resident

I wanted to let everyone in Ward 3 know that I, along with my fellow Westfield Seniors, enthusiastically endorse Councilman David Contract for re-election to Ward 3 Council. I have lived in Westfield for 8 years and David Contract has definitely been my best Councilman ever!!

I first met David when he was campaigning for Ward 3 Councilman back in the summer of 2017. I was visiting with a good friend of mine then and when I told David that I lived in Westfield Senior Housing, he asked a series of questions about the senior housing. He wanted to find out about my experience living there since campaigning is not allowed on the property of the housing complex. He asked me if I would introduce him to some of my neighbors to become more familiar with issues facing seniors living in senior housing, which is located in Ward 3. I was happy that he showed so much sincere desire to understand the tenants in the senior housing and made sure that seniors would not be forgotten should he win. Not only has David followed through, but he's exceeded my expectations of him as a councilman.

Firstly, I would like to state he really has been the most communicative councilman I have known. His regular, almost daily email messages, have kept me informed about all happenings in Westfield. Moreover, during Covid I was looking forward to his continuous information on the latest science, health and safety news. I must say that his tone was always upbeat and hopeful and may even include something unexpected that would make me smile.

Also, I feel that David has done even more than I expected to help seniors. He created a Lifelong Westfield which is the town’s first-ever group focused on the needs of Westfield’s seniors. The group started in 2018 and has held countless events to inform seniors about the services and programs available to them in our area including educational seminars on protecting us all against scams, Covid vaccine safety and other health and wellness topics. Also , emails and newsletters were sent out regularly to ensure continuous information. 

And lastly, I would like to mention David is very responsive. Whenever I have emailed him with a question or even a thank you, he answered me immediately. If there was a question he was unable to answer, he would find out and was back to me with his response. 

I hope David wins the re-election because he’s done an incredible job for me, for Westfield's seniors, and all of the Ward 3 residents. No one could have been more effective for our town's council than David Contract. 

Gesine Ehlers, Westfield