Dawn Mackey is a Megaphone for the Heart of Westfield

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Letter: Dawn Mackey is the Megaphone for the Heart of Westfield

To the Editor:

Dawn Mackey, Westfield Ward 4 Councilwoman, has had a great impact on me and on our Westfield community. Dawn is one of the most compassionate people I know. She has a keen ability to observe and identify the needs of those around her. She then utilizes her wonderful creativity and drive to make visions come to life. These skills have clearly become vital to the community of Westfield.

From spearheading the display of beautiful butterflies around town during quarantine to AddamsFest to making sure that neighborhood trees were replaced around town, Dawn has sustained and deepened the heartwarming experience of living in Westfield.

Ever since I first met Dawn volunteering at the Westfield Fun Club with refugee families, I knew that she was an empathic and caring person. She clearly wants to understand the people around her and lift them up. For me, Dawn has been a warm hug at the farmers market, a meal from the mealtrain, a planner of beautiful life events, and someone that I can count on to listen and help achieve what I thought was impossible.

If I call Dawn for help, the issue is resolved before I know it and in a way I never imagined. I know that Dawn brings this same energy to all that she does and that Westfield is all the better from her service of the last 4 years.

Do you walk through town and smile at the colorful art? Did you have fun at the new brewery? Did your kids dance in the rain at AddamsFest? Did you laugh when you saw the dogs in costume or breathe with relaxation during yoga on Quimby? All Dawn!

I feel privileged to have had Dawn represent me on the town council these past four 4 years and am thrilled to help her campaign for another four. I am confident that Dawn will continue to be the megaphone of the heart of Westfield.

With excitement,

Andrea Fleisch Marcus

Westfield Ward 4 resident