David Contract Brings Fresh Ideas & Proactive Leadership

I am thrilled to announce my re-election bid for Ward 3 Town Council.

It’s been my honor to represent Ward 3 for the past three plus years, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do so for the next four.

I’m running to ensure Westfield continues to move forward. When I ran for Council in 2017, I promised to bring “Fresh Ideas and Proactive Leadership” to the Council, and this is exactly what I’ve done – leading to tremendous progress in many areas that I committed to focusing on:

  1. Pave More Roads – Under my leadership as Chair of the Public Works Committee, the town has tripled the number of roads paved from 2018-2021 versus the prior four years of 2014-2017. This adds up to paving nearly half of Westfield’s roads (47 miles to be exact).
  2. Create robust two-way communications with Ward 3 residents- I have worked tirelessly to send out regular email updates to constituents to keep you informed. In fact, since joining the Council, I’ve sent out over 500 emails and countless social media posts, including updates after every Council meeting and near daily updates since COVID started.
  3. Strong fiscal management and low taxes- As both Vice Chair and a member of the Finance Committee, I directly contributed to the development of town budgets that have cut municipal tax increases by 44% on average during the past four years vs the prior four years. And I’ve also ensured the town maintained its AAA bond rating and a robust surplus while significantly increasing investments to ensure the town operates more effectively and efficiently including holding public events, strengthening communication, purchasing needed equipment, increasing use of mobile and digital technology and improving parking in our downtown.

I look forward to serving another four years to maintaining this momentum (along with Mayor Brindle and my fellow Council members from Westfield Together) so we can continue to move Westfield forward including:

  • Investing further in our town’s infrastructure
  • Implementing the Master Plan Re-examination findings to ensure the long-term economic vitality of our downtown
  • Implementing the Parks Master Plan recommendations to enhance sports and recreational offerings in town
  • Increasing our community’s focus on sustainability
  • Improving pedestrian safety
  • And continue maintaining the town’s strong financial position.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss what’s on your mind by emailing me at [email protected], calling/texting at 917-589-1197 or sending me a DM on Facebook to @councilmancontract.

Thank you, and I look forward to earning your vote on Nov. 2.

Councilman David Contract