Councilman David Contract List of Accomplishments During First Term To Date

When I ran for Ward 3 Council, I promised “Fresh Ideas and Proactive Leadership” to move Westfield forward while providing much needed transparency and engagement for Ward 3 residents so you were informed. I’m proud of the many accomplishments that I’ve directly led or been involved with through my committee work as Chair of the Public Works Committee, Vice Chair and Member of the Finance Committee, Liaison to the Green Team and Liaison to Lifelong Westfield as well as pursuing other changes for the direct benefit of Ward 3 residents.

Ward 3 Specific Accomplishments For Residents

  • Vastly improved communication: Sent out more than 500 email and countless social media updates including after every Council meeting and near daily updates during the COVID pandemic.
  • Very accessible and responsive: Respond to constituent requests/inquiries generally within 24-48 hours
  • Co-led effort that stopped the PSEG 69kv project in Westfield
  • Eliminated $10 residential parking permit fee, which affected many Ward 3 residents
  • Improved lighting and pedestrian safety on Dorian Road adjacent to Westfield High School
  • Improved road striping on Rahway to improve pedestrian safety near the high school
  • Installed several pedestrian crossing beacons in Ward 3 and other road safety improvements like new stop signs on Elizabeth Avenue and speed signs on Windsor
  • Excellent Council Meeting Attendance Record: Attended all Council meetings except one

Public Works Committee

  • Tripled paving in Westfield from 2018-2021 vs prior four years. Nearly 47 miles of roads will be paved (nearly half of the town’s total) through projects funded by the town and via an innovative new utility partnerships.
  • Added 9 new recycling programs to the Conservation Center, which are free for residents (styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic toys, household batteries, fluorescent bulbs, corks, tennis balls, food waste/pumpkins and books)
  • Planted 568 trees on average per year during 2018-2020, a 29% increase over prior three years
  • Greatly improved communication including daily updates for leaf collection and street sweeping via email, social media, town website and Westfield Connect app and regular updates regarding snow storms, plowing and street parking rules
  • Began construction of first rain garden in Westfield at minimal cost to the town
  • Launched Westfield Connect app so residents can directly report requests/issues to the DPW
  • Initiated twice a year townwide street sweeping
  • Successfully implemented two major curbside recycling transitions
  • Launched new leaf collection alternatives including free bags and leaf bag holders in 2020
  • Launched Adopt-A-Drain Program to encourage residents to adopt storm sewers and help prevent localized flooding
  • Installed 6 EV Charges in downtown parking lots at NO COST to the town
  • Launched more convenient online permit purchasing for the Conservation Center
  • Secured $22k in grants to add recycling sheds to the Conservation Center, install storm windows in Town Hall to improve energy efficiency and purchase hundreds of reusable bags and straws to promote sustainability in town
  • Conducted town hall energy audit to identify energy efficiency opportunities

Westfield Green Team

  • Held two Free Markets which collected 6 tons of household goods and eliminated them from likely going to the incinerator or landfill
  • Revised solar ordinance to allow front-facing solar panels if they follow aesthetic guidelines
  • Strengthened tree preservation ordinance
  • Implemented new Green Building Checklist that developers must fill out as part of zoning application process and led effort to have town
  • issue Green Building Principles Statement
  • Launched Green Westfield program to help businesses be more sustainable and reward them for their efforts
  • Won Silver Certification from Sustainable Jersey, one of only two towns in Union County with this designation
  • Conducted two Earth Day Fairs and two Earth Month Programs
  • Conducted multiple 3 Rs assemblies at elementary schools and partnered with the BOE to launch a food waste recycling program at
  • Jefferson School that received a State BOE recognition in 2020
  • Launched 1st ever permanent bike lane in town

Finance Committee

  • Demonstrated excellent fiscal stewardship
  • Kept municipal taxes low – average tax increase of 1.1% from 2018-2021, 44% lower than the 2% average tax increases in the prior four years
  • Maintained AAA bond rating and maintained $9.6mm surplus through end of 2020 (the year ending surplus for 2021 is unknown at this time)
  • Steered town successfully through year 1 of COVID crisis without any furloughs or layoffs

Lifelong Westfield

  • Helped start first-ever advisory council focused on seniors and “aging in place”
  • Launched first ever Lifelong quarterly newsletter and weekly email updates for over 400 seniors on the Lifelong email List
  • Held dozens of events for seniors including activity fairs, speakers, walking safety, scam-prevention webinars and COVID Vaccination Fact vs Fiction webinars
  • Launched the Westfield 300 Milestone Awards to honor residents and businesses achieving milestones including oldest resident, longest active business in town, etc.


  • Successfully expanded smoking ban downtown to include public events
  • Co-launched Bike Safety Initiative to promote wearing helmets called “Caught Wearing Your Helmet”